More About Auto Care January 1, 2019

There’s probably not a car owner alive who would disagree: auto repair is expensive. And while there’s little you can do about that, there are things you can do to cut down on some of your costs. Ironically, many of the best things you can do include spending more money. How does this make any sense? Well, the more money you spend in maintenance, the less you’ll have to spend on exorbitant major bills. It costs a lot less to keep transmission fluid in your car than it does to have the transmission rebuilt, after all. Here are some things you can do to ensure your car is well cared for.

-Communicate Effectively

Those who work in auto repair for a living are often baffled by their own customers. Those outside the industry are accustomed to complaining about mechanics who talk in jargon and never properly get their customers to understand what they have done or what they need to do with their cars. But the same problem exists on the other side of the counter. Customers come in to a shop and expect their mechanics to be mind readers. Without properly communicating the problem, it’s going to be very hard to find a solution.  Get more info on Cathedral City.

-Fill Up Often

This is something that doesn’t get near enough attention, but it is important. Don’t drive your car out of gas every tank. This is a powerful temptation, considering how expensive gas is these days. Also, filling up is an annoyance and a hassle. Not really, but it can seem that way when you have places to go and things to do. But what you don’t realize is that today’s fuel injected vehicles depend on having an appropriate amount of gas in the tank. Failing to keep at least a quarter of a tank in the car could cause the in-tank electric pump to fail early, which is not going to be cheap to fix.


-Don’t Use the Dealership

This should perhaps be amended to say, “Don’t always use the dealership.” If you have a dealership you think has fair pricing and excellent customer service, of course, there’s nothing wrong with sticking with them. If you’re only barely satisfied with their auto repair, though, you should start shopping around. When it comes to warranty work, you can come back. But for things you’re paying for, you might as well find a good price. It will be rare indeed that you find the best price and service from the dealership. Look around and you’re likely to find something better.

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